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5 Terrible Exercises You Should Avoid

by Alex John |

To say all exercises are the same is incredibly untrue. Especially without the correct form, some exercises can do more harm than good. It’s better to stay safe than risk putting your fitness goals on hold just because you executed something poorly. What’s worse, you could be engaging in exercises that aren’t recommended in the first place. We want to help you stay aware of those terrible exercises that won’t help with your success. Here are five exercises you should definitely stay away from when working on your fitness. 


That’s right! Even Harvard knows sit ups are bad for you! This is because sit ups will cause you to tear those lower ab muscles as well as cause strain on your abdomen. In essence, you’re putting bad strain on your core. The benefits for your core with this exercise are slim to none. Instead, planks are the way to go! Planks target the muscle groups needed to build killer washboard abs without the stain. Workout smarter by saying “no” to crunches! You’ll feel the burn without ever having to partake in the repetitive motion of a sit up ever again! 

Behind the Head Lat Pulldown

No, no, no! Never do this! Behind the head lat pulldowns will stiffen your neck and leave you feeling sore for days. If you want to have a messed up back, go ahead. But lat pulldowns should always be done with the bar in front of the chest. Your back will get just as good of a workout without the stress or extra injury. Be safe and use the correct form. 

Straight Leg Deadlifts

Even the slightest error in form will put all the pressure on your lower back. Straight leg deadlifts are a popular way to build up those major muscle groups. But if you don’t keep your back straight, you may throw it out. Be sure to always keep your back straight if you’re going to do this, or bend your knees slightly while lifting. 

Smith Machine Squats

Ditch the Smith machine, you’re better off on your own. Smith machine squats are okay for beginners wanting to keep an eye on their form. But Smith machines fail to enable you to really build your leg muscles. What you should be doing is perfecting your form with free weights. Only then will you really see the gains. Just consult with a trainer every once in a while to be sure you’re maintaining good form that won’t hurt your body. 

Tricep Dips 

This exercise is meant to be for triceps. But unfortunately, you’ll really be overloading your smaller muscle groups with this one. Tricep dips could potentially damage your rotator cuffs and other areas that are necessary for everyday tasks. Instead, try cable pull downs or tricep push ups. You’ll be getting a better workout and will help your smaller muscles out a lot. Don’t overload the little guys! Keep a balance! 

Get into the workout spirit by getting informed with the right exercises that work! Especially if you’re new to exercise or just getting back into it after some time off, it’s best to know what works and what doesn’t. You not only want to get in the best shape, but you want to do so safely and effectively. Avoid straining yourself by doing it right the first time! 

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