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3 Clothing Items That Will Complement your Confidence

by Alex John |

Most people view clothes as a basic necessity and not as a way to complement, enhance and magnify their confidence. 

The truth is you are likely to feel and appear more confident if your dressing game is intact. It is why most high-value men spend money shopping for the best clothes. They don’t do it out of sheer vanity but because they understand how important their attire is to their success. 

If you have been working on improving your confidence it is important to consider the kind of outfits you wear as these can make or break your efforts. 

Below are three outfits that will make you feel and look more confident. 

Get a Couple of Good Suits

A good suit is necessary for your look. Suits are a great choice for many occasions. They let you look good without having to try too much. Therefore, you should invest in a couple of good suits. 

A good suit should be 

  • Right for your body type. Always wear a suit that fits your body type. Don’t wear it if it is too tight or too loose. A well-fitting suit should allow easy and free movement without being too tight on your body. You also don’t want your suit hanging off your shoulders.
  • Clean- Personal hygiene is important for your confidence. This includes making sure that your suits are clean at all times.  Your suit should not have funny odors or dust coatings.
  • Be in Good Condition- Do not wear a torn or faded and discolored suit. Changing your suits every now and then reduces the chances of you showing up in a raged-looking suit. If you are not in a position to change your suits often, keep them in good condition. Fix tears as soon as they appear and use the right cleaning products every time to ensure that your suits don’t fade or get discolored. 

As a rule of the thumb, you should be comfortable in your suit.

Comfortable Shoes 

“Neglect your feet and your body will suffer”

Your shoes influence how confident you look more than you can imagine. Normally, your shoes should complement your entire outfit. However, comfort is also an important factor to consider. 

Whether you are wearing dress shoes, sports shoes, or casual shoes, they should also be comfortable on your feet to allow you to stand straight and for long when needed and move with ease. Too big or too small a pair and you will look uncomfortable which only hurts your confidence levels. 

A Proper Watch 

Watches play many roles in a gentleman’s life. Other than telling the time, they are also among the few accessories that most men are comfortable with. A proper watch adds some style to your look and allows you to express your personality and style. They have also been known to work as great conversation starters especially around people who appreciate timepieces.

While there are fewer rules governing how to wear your wristwatch, it is important to make sure that your watch matches your outfit, occasion, and hand size. 

The pursuit of confidence should come from both inside and outside. How you dress can influence how you feel. If the clothes you are wearing make you feel confident, you are likely to project it to the world.