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2022 Summer Fashion Trends

by Sabrena Gartland |

If you follow fashion trends religiously, good on you, because they’re impossible to keep up with. Keeping it simple is often the easiest way to go – wear what’s comfortable and what you like. Beyond that, wear stuff that you feel good in, or makes you feel good in it. That said, if you’re looking to change things up, that’s the time to start paying attention to fashion trends. Maybe you missed something twenty years ago that is super you. Good news! It’s back. Here are some trends that might make decision-making a little easier for the coming summer months.

Heavy-Knit Cardigans

It might seem counter-intuitive that huge sweaters in place of jackets should trend in warm weather, because it is, but that’s the first lesson with fashion. It often makes no obvious sense. Night time in some places during the summer can be chilly, so maybe this is better for a night out on the town, but the chunkier the knit the better, so we’re told.

The Preppy Look

Don’t play squash or know someone named Todd but want to look like you do? The old polo-and-shorts combo is back, and it’s probably not long before a sweater tied in front creeps back in, either. To complete this “new” look add some boat shoes and, I guess, wait a little longer for a haircut. If you’re going to do the preppy look, go the whole way.

Suits in Linen and Cotton

In warm climates, linen is always in fashion, but we’re told that cotton and linen suits are making their way back into the workplace, as well. Why not be comfortable during the 9 to 5 slog? Why not having something that you can wear out later and still be comfortable? Working hard does not necessitate sweating, especially if you work a desk job.

Too Much Color – Any Such Thing?

This is an overall, general concept, but color – and we mean blasts of color – like neon, bright as you can get, all-over color is the way to go this summer. If you find yourself peacocking but don’t look enough like an actual peacock? You’ve done something terribly wrong. This is not even a matter of matching or not. Color will rule this summer.

Suddenly Sandals

We can’t justify this, but when you see something coming down the street, you tell everyone nearby. Socks – yes, even with sandals! – are back in this move toward comfort fashion that makes everyone around you question what they’re doing. Jokes on them – you don’t need to question yourself, because you did it first. And that’s what fashion is all about – wearing the weirdest sock and sandal combo before anyone else does.


These are just a few of the strangest, most interesting ideas we’ve found floating out there. Then again, we also saw that cut-out tops (shirts with holes cut in them) were trending and thought better of recommending that. You probably own a pair of scissors and a beat-up old shirt anyway – have at it, bedroom designers!